Never too early to think of xmas 2010

Ok.  Well maybe it is a little too early, however a couple years ago I was really on the ball and I bought most of my xmas presents for the following xmas the day after Christmas.  I was so proud of myself.
I have not been that organized since.
This year however I bought 10 of these stockings.
Each one was totally different and I truly loved them.
I would have blogged about them at the time...however I couldn't in the event that certain recipients of
said stockings would see the post.  BUT...if you are smart, you will place an order now for next year...then hide them away and voila...you will owe me a big ol THANK YOU come next December.
Plus!  They are on sale right now.  Trust me.  You will make someone happy.
I kinda want them.  We have great stockings...my mom made them.
They are beautiful...but they stay at my mom's house.
That's where Santa goes.
We don't have a chimney.