Coach does it again...

I like to compare Coach to mobsters.
I keep trying to get out...and they keep pulling me back in.
I swear, whomever is the brains behind the Poppy brand of Coach needs the
same bonus as the genius who created the Crewcuts line for JCrew.
Look at this.

How cute are these! 
Then there is my favorite.  The spotlight tote...which I did not get for xmas:(
However...back then it was only in black, silver and red.
Can you say PINK!  I love pink.
I saw it in purple as well...which I liked...
until I saw the pink.

I know.  It is an entire bag covered in sequins...and I entirely love it <3

Even these are cute.

Check them all out here.


Jacky said...

How fun! My sweetheart accuses me of having 30 purses...but I don't. I have like 5. I don't think I would mind having 30! I love some of Vera Bradley's newer colors. *sigh* ;)

Kristy said...

Love em' all :O)

Courtney Price said...

Sorry, I couldn't find an address to contact you on, but a bunch of people on ILP had images stolen and I noticed your watermark, thought you'd want to know:
You can delete this comment as soon as you see it... it looks like a weird creeper over there!

Courtney Price said...

Oh good! :)

KimD said...

I think you NEED to run out a buy yourself a Christmas present. My vote is sequin:)

gina Kramp said...

I love love love your blog!! Its so fun! I also love the first bag...I may have to buy myself a little birthday gift!