Izzy and Ash

Every once in awhile I get a big box of clothing from Jennifer at Izzy and Ash asking me
to shoot a few pics for her, which I am more than happy to do.
Not that you care, because there is a good chance that you are currently under snow somewhere,
but Arizona has been having terrible weather for the past week or so.
Lots of rain.
I hate it:)
I see it is supposed to be back up to 73 degrees sat.
Now I am happy:)
However...for this "shoot" we had to do it inside due to the icky weather.

No please...do not for a second critique these pics thinking that I am a photographer.
I am soooo not a photographer. 
Just a mom with a camera:)

Loving all these soft knits from T2Love
(they are splendid soft...which we like)

It's always fun when Jennifer sends me a box. 
I have no idea what she is sending...but I usually want to keep it all:)

Hopefully next time she will send this and this and this and...


Heather :: Angel Face Designs :: said...

Everything is super cute! And Leila has the same beret :)

gina said...

you have such beautiful girls!!