This post brought to you by Goldfish S'mores

Ok.  Not really.
Well not in THAT (sponsor) way.
But in the way that I think the new goldfish s'mores are cute enough to
A. purchase (haven't personally bought goldfish in 2 years...not sure why...I guess because I have older kids and well...like I said...not sure why
B. take a picture of them
C. post about them
So.  Here they are.

Now...before you ask (or wonder) I will answer a couple questions or thoughts you might have.
 1.Yes, I make most of my kids meals with cute dipping bowls, I am big on the dipping bowls.
I like food separated so it doesn't run together. I may be creating weird eaters in the mean time...but maybe they will pay attention to presentation???  Maybe??? I hope? Nah. Their favorite channel is the Food Network Channel so all is not lost on them.
2. No I do not give my kids a snack with every meal...usually there is a veggie to go in the bowl that the goldfish is in...but since this post was about the goldfish...the kids scored!

This now leads me to a strange issue I have.  Food issues.  Texture issues.
I have 4 million photos in my iphoto files on my computer and literally NONE of them are of people eating.  I cannot look at food face pictures.  I told you I had issues.
It was not until I was taking pictures of todays lunch that I realized I can't
look at some food pictures either.
Like this one.

Do you see the Shell's N Cheese?  It is grossing me out!
This one is much better.

Ahhh...now see that?  Blurry shells.  That's kinda better.  I still prefer the first picture of just the fish.

Again.  I told you I had issues.

I also just realized that I am the Seinfeld of blogging, for instance, this post was seriously about nothing.
Sorry to waste your time:)


Susanna... said...

there's nothing wrong with blogging about nothing...and if it's any consolation, I'm all inspired to bring out some cute dipping bowls for my kiddos dinner tonight!

Anonymous said...

Im actually glad I read this. lol I have some adversions to food as well. ANd those shells made me gag a little, too. I get irrational when my husband tries to put gravy on top of my mashed potatoes. Like I won't even speak to him. Or when he puts noodles over mashed potatoe!! omg im getting mad just thinking about it. I can't have anything touch and i can't have any dressing on my salads.
Thank you for this post, i might foward it to my Husabnd. ; )

ps. did you like the smore goldfish? I cried a little inside when i didn't like them. :(

Anonymous said...

this one made me laugh!

Anonymous said...

please tell me where you bought those plates and little dipping bowls! I love them. Plus it gives me a new way to serve my girls (who are getting older!) THey have separated plates now-from pottery barn kids-and are outgrowing them. I love this idea. :)

denise said...

I am so queen of little dipping bowls...now i need to blog about you taking rule over the kingdom

Anonymous said...

Ohhhh, IKEA. How I love, love, love that place :D And there isnt one anywhere near me anymore! I should have known! Bu this summer we are moving to Alaska (driving from Misissippi ) and we will be stopping in there the first one we see....Thanks for letting me know!