Who's a heartbreaker?

And a boy option...although I have decided it can be unisex because look how cute it is on my chick.

Boys need valentines shirt options as well:)
I have them in sizes 2 through 12.

He won't want to put this one away after Valentine's either (and he doesn't have to)
...this shirt is sooo soft.
It is the same shirt I use for the Rockstar shirts and the black Kapow tees.
I love it. 

She loves her dog.

Get them while I have fresh stock...not sure I have time to do another printing before the big day.
You can get them here.


Courtney V said...

I think you have the best dressed kids around! Darling pictures and I love the Popsicles! Where did you get them???

Anonymous said...

First of all, love the tee! Very cute! Secondly, I love how you captured George's tongue, mid-lovin'! Adorable :)
xo Robin

Elisa said...

I love this tee! My daughter also looks and feels best with clothing that has a slight rock&roll edge to it... but still girly :-)