Valentine bling

I have no idea why my Valentine's Day options are so poor.
I am nothing but honest.
Truthfully last year with the CPSIA thang going on, I was so worried that I would be put out of business.
Then I tested everything and found that the only thing full of lead that I am working with is my brain.
Never the less...last year was a write off on the Holiday items.  Freaking out does not put you in the holiday sprit.  This year. I have no excuse.
So today I made this little diddy.

I made the mistake of telling her she could lick the lollipop

then the sugar kicked in

do you have any idea why the dentist today told us we need braces?
In fact...I got double the good news...both my kids need braces.
Good times.

look at that mouth
Don't tell me the dentist did not see $$$$ signs when we walked in the door.
I need to sell alot more shirts.

I also did a couple other pieces.

and the twitter tee
(clearly most children do not have twitter accounts...this one is supposed to be fun and creative)
soooo many options


Heather :: Angel Face Designs :: said...

OMG - I want all of those for Leila!!

@angelface - hello! Love everything!

And sorry about the braces news - I had them twice and I'm pretty sure Leila will need them too.

Heather :: Angel Face Designs :: said...

and how have you not posted about these yet?!?!?! http://paperlili.com/catalog.php?item=144&catid=54&ret=catalog.php%3Fpage%3D6%26category%3D54

In looooooooooove!

Anonymous said...

You better get that 3rd pic (the one with her showing her two front teethmissing) on canvas!! Im serious. I love that one.
and im off to buy a shirt.
You rock. : )


Anonymous said...

ok its the 4th one!

ps. i love lainey gossip and her "blind items'' that she does. i need a tee with that. lol

Melissa said...

LOVE all of it!!!!