I wanna paint something.
When I paint...I mean PAINT.
I like color.  Shocker...I know.
I have a secretaries table that I am dreaming of painting bright purple.
And now, I just found chalkboard paint in colors.
I think my pantry door needs some color.

I tend to not let these ideas go when they pop in my head.


jay anderson said...

I didn't realise that you could get alternative colours to blackboard paint - thanks for the info! Colour is good! Do you know if they have that powdery matt finish?

Anonymous said...

yep..i found these a couple of months ago and am ITCHING TO USE IT! i think we have the same color issues! LOL nothing is too bright for my house!

EMTanner said...

oops dunno why it's anonymous..it's me..emt

sweetlilmiracles said...

That is awesome that it comes in colors now!!! I see a lot of fun projects in my near future!

Anonymous said...

I painted my Kitchen cabinets with chalk board paint a few weeks ago and I love it! My 10 yr old daughter does too! Everyone that comes over to visit draws on them or writes a comment on them! I wish I knew they had colors now!