Valentine's ideas...round two:)

So apparently my first list of Valentine's ideas was well received...so...here are some more.
I will keep up the search until I find something that floats your boat:)
First...this Circle the date patch. I think this is genius.
How cute!  For Valentines...or a birthday...or any special occasion.
This necklace...I LOVE this necklace.
It reminds me of the jewelry Padma Lakshmi makes.
She is always draped in beautiful jewelry...and it is a fortune.
I still love it though.

These rings.  Oh I love these rings.  And this etsy seller is wonderful. 
I bought a huge pink ring from her last year.  She is in Isreal...and she is a talent.
Notice my etsy theme?  I love etsy.  There are so so many hidden "gems' on etsy.
This etsy seller makes beautiful jewelry.  
Truly fabulous.  I like bezel set jewels.
My wedding ring is a bezel set.   I have never seen a ring I like more.
Check out the rest of this sellers items.  She has some pretty pricey items that are totally worth it.

Ok...I really should be adding a new imac to my list (but I would be dreaming) however
if you saw how long it just took me to post this small post...you would shake your head.
So.  I will stop the madness now before I put my fist through the machine and I will continue with 
part 3 of the Valentines list tomorrow:)

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Anonymous said...

I love your ideas..totally love those rings from the lady from Israel. WIll have to check out her store. And dont even get me started on slow computers. I love my Mac, but it is old....and I really, really want a new one too :D