Ahhh...J Crew...how I love you...yet you irritate me sometimes.

A couple months ago, I think it was November, I saw this sweatshirt in the J Crew Catalog.
Love at first sight (site lol) and well...I figured I would share it with Santa.
It was sold out:(  Soooo sad.  So imagine my surprise when I saw it was back in stock the other day.
So I was checking it out a little closer and HELLO...delivery April 22nd.  WHAT?
Does JCrew not realize what the temperature is in Arizona in April?  We have a small window...like 3 months, to wear sweatshirts...and April is sooo not one of those months.

I do still love it. 

I do have a couple other questions for J Crew though.
And these come from the heart because truly...who does not love JCREW?
But these shorts. 
They are cute.
Who is going to wear them though?
Girls who look like this I guess.

I do think it would be fun to look like this for just a day.

Ok.  Back to my list of things I love (want...wanted) love
Keep in mind...I am a female of comfort.
I do not own high heel shoes.
I think waaaaay back in my closet you can find a couple pairs of heels for emergencies.
I like comfort.
I like uggs (yup I said it...and I have had about a dozen pairs).
I like moccasins.
My favorite pair of shoes are still my Jeffrey Campbells, and I honestly almost cried one day at the food court last month when my husband dumped an entire plate of ranch dressing face down on my foot.  It was a tense couple of minutes.  I still could get angry at him just thinking about it.
They will never be the same.  But I will wear them until they wear out.
But I love these.
To some (most) they probably look ugly.
To me...I see comfort, warmth...and fabulousness with a good pair of jeans.
And please...you cannot tell me that the kid version is not adorable.
My lili-loo would rock these quite happily.
And she has very strong opinions on shoes.
And really...does anyone put together a kids outfit better than Crewcuts?
I would like to spend a day with a crewcuts stylist.


Anonymous said...

omg I have that sweater and it does not look good on me. Im 34 d which is a problem. I hate that I can't wear cute sweaters like this.
I really think you can sport the motorcycle jacket, because i do. lol I love that look.


Lena said...

I heart that bomber. Wanna buy it and just ship it back and forth? :)

PS: I never wear heals but can rock a good wedge now and then for the height....