Today I am...

Reading this...

and I watched this

Do you see the disconnect?  Ya...me too.  But I cannot explain my brain.
I like scary ghost stuff.  I do not like ooey gooey scary...I just like ghosty scary.
One of my favorite shows is Ghost Adventures on friday night.
I kinda laugh more during it than get spooked.  I watch it while making pretty sparkly stuff.
Clearly I am strange.  Anyways.  My husband wanted to watch this Paranormal movie.
I wasn't thrilled.  I thought I would be too scared.  He slept through it.
I watched it in the dark...by my one little table lamp...while I worked at midnight. By myself.
I was not scared.  At all.  I am not easily impressed these days.
We watched 500 days of summer last week.  Meh.  Boooooring.
Twilight...nope...not for me.  I didn't read the book first...that was my first mistake I think.
My second mistake was being turned off by the extreme paleness of those vampire dudes.
Remember...my favorite barbie is Malibu Barbie.
'nuff said:)


Courtney Price said...

NO, the book ROTTED. It's okay not to like pale guys :)

Anonymous said...

I concur. The Twilight books are hrribly written. I had to force myself to finsih the first one. I had high expectations for 500 days of Summer and found it boring as well.

yay that there are more of us out there who are not obssesed with vampires!!


Heather :: Angel Face Designs :: said...

LOL! I like scary ghost stuff too. As far as Twilight goes - hubby and I saw the first movie when it came to Netflix and I hated it. Hated the crappy makeup, and it really pissed me off that he glittered int he sun. Hello - everyone knows vampires don't glitter in the sun, they burn. (I'm a True Blood vampire girl, but I digress.) Anyways, out of extreme boredome I read the book and kind of became obsessed. The writing isn't even good, but I read through all four in a week. I'm a weirdo, and I heart Malibu Barbie too.

*and that was my randomness for the day*