How to make a tutu

I get emails all the time asking about the tutu's on my site. 
Most of those are pettiskirts by either Kaiya Eve or Oopsy Daisy.
Both of which are beautiful.  But if you are looking for something a little more affordable.
Here is a very simple explanation to how I make tutu's when I need something poofy fast.
Here is what you will need to purchase:
  • 5 yards of soft tulle...any color.  Mix colors as much as you would like.
  • 3/4 inch or inch wide non-roll elastic
  • sewing machine...or needle and thread
  • pretty ribbon or embellishments
Here is the tulle and elastic

Lay the tulle out flat.  It is usually about 2 yards or so wide and it is folded in half.
Don't unfold it yet.
Cut the tulle into 4 inch strips like so...

When you have your pile of strips...take your scissors and cut each strip into two strips 
(if that did not make sense...please remember that it all does in my head and I am not a seamstress lol)

you will then be left with a big pile of annoying  pretty strips:)

Now you are going to make your elastic waistband.
Measure you daughter's waist. I usually cut it about 20-22 inches long for my 6 year old.
You will sew the two ends together.
If you do not have a machine...you can sew it by hand.

Now here is the tricky part.  I happen to have a child size mannequin (with a big hole in her tummy....still can't get the real story as to how that one happened)...however if you do not have a mannequin you can use the back of a chair...or heck...if it's for your kid...make her work a lil bit:) 
Put it on her and make her stand there.  Ha.  Good luck with that one.

You are now ready to start adding the tulle strips.  
Put them on one by one...tying them in the middle of the strip.

Do this all until you have used all your strips.  
This will require some schmooshing (real word) and squishing to fit them all in. 

The more tulle...the poofier the skirt.
You will be left with this.

How all you have to do is add a ribbon or two.  I usually like to mix ribbons...maybe add a silk flower...or a string or two of sequins. But this tutu was for a fashion show last week and the tee and hoodie would have looked funny with a big bow.  So I kept it super simple.

Look at that poor mannequin's gut.  It's like someone drop kicked her right in the tummy :(
So there you have it.  Super easy tutu.
Here is a pic of this one in action last week in the show.
Terrible picture I know.  Sorry. 
I had three cameras with me, all three were my daughters and I messed it up. Ha.

It is quite handy to know how to make them though...and come next Halloween your mind will be racing.  You can do a yellow and black version and make a cute bee.  Or red/black for a ladybug.
Or ...

Hmmm...that was a pretty cute tank top...I will have to list that one next year for Halloween.
Now I will leave you with this...George...who apparently is totally bored with my tutu tutorial.

  Yes...he is looking directly at me while I type...he is waiting for someone to fill his kong with peanut butter or something better...like liver wurst.  Yes...he is a big boy...I wonder why???


Gina said...

I love that! Thanks for posting! I am off to the fabric store!

HipMomma said...

You surely have to list that Halloween tank next year. Love that.