Kids are funny...part 1

Ok...so I know everyone thinks their kids are the funniest kid ever...and when kids say something cute and funny, don't you find yourself turning around and looking to see if anyone else saw or heard how cute and funny YOUR kid is??? Even in your own house? Ha. If not...well I do. So...I often wonder why I don't write this stuff down because one day I will wish I had...like today...when I wish I had written down the past 5 years of funny...or the past 8 years for that matter. Whatever...never to late to start. So I am just gonna blog about it instead...and often times the "funny" is so random it makes no sense and that is what makes it even funnier right?

Here is one of the zillion "funnies of the day today

daughter : "mom, dad wouldn't let us listen to top 20 on 20 on the radio"

father: "thats right...those songs are not good for kids to listen to"

daughter: "but mom lets us listen to them"

me: at this point I am hiding my head...yet also fighting for my freedom and swearing up and down that I turn down the part in the Pussy Cat Dolls song about wanting Boobies when I grow up...I swear I do

father...sternly:"well mommy shouldn't let you girls listen to those songs"

daughter "ya...and also not to swim with hobos"

HUH??? Exactly...kids are funny

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