Abbey Hill Bling Bling

So the nicest chickie ordered a shirt from my site...and in turned I had to check out her stuff because she likes the Bling. Well HELLO Abbey Hill where have you been all my life??? Actually I have seen her stuff in stores before...like oh...NORDSTROMS! Nice. Anyways...she sent me the best lunch boxes...Helly Kitty and High School Musical all blinged out...she said they were for my girls. Ya...right. She doesn't know me well enough yet to realize that there is no bigger kid in my house than me! She also sent pencil cases all swarovskied (hey I made a new word)...and well...those totally fit my sewing tools. My poor kids. HA.

Anyways...I need this bike bell..but I actually am torn between the rainbow one (because I do love rainbows) the skull one and the heart one...never the less one of them needs to go on my bike. So here are the bells...and this is my bike. Which one do I need? And yes...I totally look like the crazy witch from the Wizard of Oz when I ride my bike...but I LOVE my bike. This is my bike...the orange Daisy one...but I made a combo with the Petro Zillia white one...so I have the Petro Heart seat...the basket and the pom poms...oh ya...ya need the pom poms. You are jealous now aren't you? Its ok..my kids bikes are equally as cool. We are an Electra Bike Family.

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Anonymous said...

uhhhh, yes, I am jealous! I want to decorate a room around your bike! That is bling-arific, or swarovski-tastic (I wanted to make up cool words, too!)