Someone please buy this for me...please

Ok...I don't usually believe in love at first sight, unless I am speaking of my children to whom I fell for deep the second I saw them on the ultrasound...BUT...I will make one more exception...and it happened today. In the form of a photo on the back of a catalog that came in my icky little mailbox. Love. True love. Instant. I need it.
Sigh. Is there anyone that does not find a true love while cruising Anthropologie?

Now I totally apologize for the scan being on its side...I have NO idea why it is doing that as it is not like that on my actual computer...but click on the link and it will take you to a far off land of pure bliss and you will forget all about my messed up photo!


Ousizch said...

Hello Paperlili,

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From: Ousizch

Loraine said...


Anthro is my absolute favorite too... although you probably would never know it from my normal drop off/pick up school garb...

I love your blog.. and your work is amazing. I am completely intimidated... (in a good way). If you only knew how long I searched for a birthday number tee when Grace turned five.

Hope you don't mind that I added you to my blog link list.