The pumpkin patch

October in Phoenix does not exactly scream FALL! It actually just whispers, "omg...I can breath fresh air from the hours of midnight until 9 am". But. Since I jump the gun on any holiday. I am the one getting excited when they are putting up Christmas stuff in the stores in September. My favorite fall thing in Phoenix is Schnepf Farms. It is our pumpkin patch. Sure it takes us an hour to get there (of course, 20 minutes of that is us missing our turnoff)...but I lurrrv it. I like to go the first weekend it opens because well...I hate crowds. I like that there is a chance we will be the only ones on the roller coaster. Yup. Our pumpkin patch has a roller coaster...and train and swings...flying bumblebee ride...we got it all.

So if you live in the Phoenix area and have never been to Schnepf Farms...helloo...get thee to a pumpkin patch asap.


Anonymous said...

Im super duper jealous of the roller coaster! Im in the mid west and none of the pumpkin patches have roller coasters! They sure do have the Kate Gosselin hair cut that I wish would go away or I could set on fire!!


JC said...

Wow! It only takes you an hour??? We love this farm, but actually have never taken our kids! We went every year when we were dating and first married-we better get out there it looks like it has changed so much!

Heather :: Angel Face Designs :: said...

What an awesome pumpkin patch!