I love Erin Condren...

...and I love Lyra Lyra. So when I have the chance to mash the two together...bliss! Look at the canvases that I now get to stare at everyday! I have told Lyra a million times that these shots of my girls just make me smile. I love them. I truly truly adore them. I will cherish these forever.

Erin is my absolute favorite graphic designer. Noone does it like she does...but lots try. I have done Christmas cards with her, note cards, note pads...lots of goodies. I love them all. I am kicking myself for not doing the growth chart. I think this growth chart is the most brilliant thing ever. Seriously. How fun is it for your kids to see the height difference between themselves and Shaq! One day I will order it...and by then, my kids will probably be taller than me! Yikes. I need it though.

I got a fabulous email the other day that Erin is now selling her products through Target as well. Hellooooo...big time! How great is that? I love when mom's with a great idea and a love of design hit it big...and noone deserves it more than Erin...because noone does it like her:)


Anonymous said...

omg Cristy! These are absolutely amazing!!! Stunning.


Heather :: Angel Face Designs :: said...

Beautiful!! And how cool that her work is now at Target - super big time!

Jodie Goodison said...

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, those pictures.. I remember them! Very nice work..that photog is fantastic! And of course your girls are gorgeous!!

(I'm in the middle of packing to move. I lost your email... I posted a new pic of Little G on my blog with your Tshirt..the bday one. If you want the pic I can send it to you, but need your email of course. ):)