It's that time again! Matilda Jane time...

...Sparkle Town is just around the corner. Denise should make little countdown clocks like you see at Target for Halloween...or today I saw a giant one for Christmas (did you know Christmas is only 60 days away! Ohmagawd!). Can't you just see it though. Matilda Jane count down clocks...you KNOW there would be cute little office desks all over the country proud to have those ticking away on them. So. Officially you can purchase Sparkle Town in 5 days 8 hours 32 minutes and 8 seconds. Just jokes. I have no idea what the correct time really is BUT...you CAN purchase it from my online trunk show on the 31st. So while hubby is schlepping the kids about the neighborhood in their cute little costumes...you can shop in silence...of course in between "TRICK OR TREATTTTTTTT!!!" But my trunk show ends November 2nd. So make sure you shop early. And if you are attending a trunk show sometime in November...you may still want to take a look and if there are any must haves for you...I would get them asap because you know the best pieces sell out fast.

So if you don't have a trunk keeper or a trunk show you are attending. Feel free to email or call Christy Ingle a true trunk keeper and tell her you are with Cristy Leonard's trunk show:

Christy Ingle
Matilda Jane Clothing
Western Michigan Trunk Keeper/Team Leader
616.891.5153 Home
616.481.1535 Cell

Oh ya...and how cute are those models! Look familiar? Well a couple of them should:)
Lyra Lyra strikes again and man...she blew me away on this one. The girl is amazing. I have said it before and I will say it over and over again...if you live in the AZ area...or anywhere actually, she does travel... you NEED Lyra pictures hanging in your house. Just WAIT until you see the rest of the Sparkle Town shoot. The best thing about Sparkle Town is that it all works back in with Gypsy Blue and any basics from Matilda Jane that you have already purchased. Genius.


Barbarann said...

My trunk keeper sent me heads up for Sparkle town and I recognized your girls right away--we live in Pa and I thought she must know you - even thought I did not think you were anywhere near PA-----but she told me it was from corporate--LOVE the Pix!! Your girls look beautiful!!!!!!!!!
Really enjoy your blog too!!! Your creations are amazing!

paperlili said...

Thank you Barbarann! That is very sweet of you. I love the pix too...Lyra is awesome...so were the clothes so the rest was easy cheesy:)