Courtney Courtney

This is what happens when two of my favorite designers get put together for "mix up day" at school. I tell you...our Matilda Jane pieces come in handy more often then not. I love those things. AND. I love Courtney Courtney. Do you know her? Of course you do. I stalk her. Kidding. Well...not really. One has to because I swear to god, her dresses can literally sell out in 30 seconds. It is crazy. She lists 4 or 5 new ones a day and sells 4 or 5 new ones a day.

So if you don't know her...check her out and stalk her with me...however...if you will be looking for a size 6...don't bother...her size 6's suck. Terrible I tell you. You will hate them.

Ok. I was kidding. Clearly I need the size 6's...and mama doesn't need no competition! So hands off! Ahhhh whatever...whats a little friendly competition right? Good luck to ya...! I'll warn ya...I'm quick:)

This dress was a particular hit because little did I know that the bottom fabric actually has a Mickey Mouse intarsia in it...very subtle...but enough that my daughter had to show all her friends at school today.


leslie said...

Okay...love that one...I just ordered 2 Courtney Courtney dresses for Reese and Tatum! If you want to sell that one when Ainsley is done...LMK!! SMILE!!

Anonymous said...

oh i need that for my daughter!!
I have a one that says, "whoever has the most shoes wins" We could match. :)


StaceyOna23 said...

Just discovered your blog- via MJ- and got SUCKED IN last night! Read back the past year! AHHHHH Born in '75 here too, obsessed with my long hair, and just ordered Malibu Barbie....for Ava, not me :) You got me sucked into looking up Prevage last night- always looking for wrinkle creams! But I have a brand you HAVE to try- and they send great samples- and now they are at ULTA! Yeah! Mario Badescu (the poor mans La Mer) SOOOOOO great!

courtneycourtney said...

So, I didn't know you had posted photos of this dress until last week (I put it on the fb fansite)! That dress looks aMAZING on your daughter! And you caught the mickey knit (it was a collared shirt)! Would love to send you another dress to work your crystal magic on!