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So I was actually contemplating making one of those fun Williams Sonoma Easter Bunny cakes this year. The guilt from not making the birthday cake is/was/is setting in a tad...although I think I am the only one that truly cared. ANYWAYS...I just quickly changed my mind because 7 minutes ago I got an email from my favorite online bakery,The bangerang bake Shop, and a 15% coupon and well...the order has been placed. I could not resist. How smart are they? FIRST they come up with the cupcake in a jar concept and THEN they email me right before lunch...helllooooo...BRILLIANT!

Now go...order a couple for yourself...and tell them I told ya to. I don't know why...maybe they will toss in a vanilla cupcake with princess icing in my order...lol! Because that is what my growing bootay needs right now...cupcakes!

If you want the 15% off...use the coupon code bangerangbunny .


Emom said...

Simply beautiful!
Can't wait to try that!
Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Not only are you a genius when it comes to clothes, but also when it comes to PR! lol I jsut ordered the cupcakes for my daughter and son who loves sweets! (my other is too young for sweets. lol Im "that" mom)

ps. I am glad that I don't like sweets. this way my other 2 will enjoy this all by themselves.