Today is the last day...

Ok...if you have not perused the Matilda Jane Catalog of all the new Spring/summer items yet...you are missing out. There is no way that you will not find something you love and just have to have :p Today is the last day of my online Trunk show. So check it out...here...and if you find something good (hello Blue Bird dress...I must have you)and then email

Christy Ingle at christyi@matildajaneclothing.com and she can take care of your goodies for you...please tell her you are from the Cristy Leonard Trunk show.

Ok...I am off to work on my new boys birthday tees! Wheeeeee...crossing my fingers they turn out like the vision I have in my head.

ps...can you believe these pics that Shannon Stewart has done! That woman is beyond fantastic. I am going to get her to come to Phoenix to do a family shoot in the fall...I need about 5 other families in Phoenix to join me to have mini sessions...email me if you are interested. But I don't want family pics...lol...I want fun ones of my kids! Why would I get in the picture and ruin it? No thanks.


Anonymous said...

***frantically digging thru my purse for my wallet**

Im glad you posted this. Im from Indy and don't have a trunk keeper. I usually had to order from the site. Thanks a bunch.


Amy said...

This may be late because you posted it like a month ago but if you get Shannon out to Phoenix I would totally be up for a mini session with her! I used to meet up with her when I lived in LA and would love to see her again(and of course get some amazing pics!!)