Lumpy Bumpy Itchy and B%^$Y

My kids, my hubby, my hives and I are off to the land of the Mouse. We have managed to not tell the kids...lol. So this is how we are telling the little one. I made her a little shirt tonight (egad...that thing took me forever)...do you think she will get it??? lol. It is awfully sparkley. We will see. She has an equally sparkly Birthday Shirt for Friday...her actual birthday.

So don't hate me because I will not be posting from the road...but I will return Sat and I promise to have something good then:)


Shauna said...

Ainsley is one lucky girl! I am jealous! She has pretty awesome parents to surprise her like that. Have an awesome trip and feel better. It is the happiest place on earth, so I don't think the hives are invited and they will have to leave for you!

Shauna, Owen and Edynn

Anonymous said...

Have a great trip! Love the sparkles, too!
ps happy birthday Ainsley :)

Anonymous said...

I wish I knew how to quit you!
I L.O.V.E that shirt! (hope its for sale on your site soon)

I hope you all are having a wonderful time!
You're awesome mom!


Anonymous said...

That shirt is the shi*! Sorry, but it is!!! AWESOME!

Angel said...

That shirt is fabulous!! You need to make those in adult sizes.