is it wrong to want to rename your kids?

One of the many fun parts of my "job" is that most of the items I do are personalized...and so each one is totally different. Throughout the zillions of leggings I have done, I have come across some extremely cool names that I WISH I had heard before I had kids of my own. Ha. Terrible I know. ANYWAYS...another part is that I really love it when customers are super specific...this does not in any way mean super difficult...it means they want something very specific...maybe they have found a perfect skirt and are trying to match a shirt or leggings to it. This is great. I love that. Please do not hesitate to be super specific if you are looking for something. Telling me the exact colors for each letter...bring it...I love details. I have lots and lots of colors of stones and we can match most everything.

So here are 3 pairs of leggings I just did today for a lady who clearly has good taste because A. she was buying 3 pairs of leggings from me and B. she has the coolest names for her kids! Hellooo...

I am also posting a pic of a Big Sister tee. Again...just because I don't have something listed on my site does not mean I won't make it for ya! Just ask!

On a different note, because I have had people ask me about my hives...well I wish I could give some good news...but I can't...I am a mess. Today especially. Not sure what is going on but they seem to be getting worse by the day. I think the steroids are officially out of my system (but left a trail of bad skin, moodiness and about 8 pounds...nice) and the hives are now breaking through my zantac/zyrtec/benedryl combos I got going on. I am heading back to the allergist in the morning to add something in. I feel like I am at McDonalds or something ordering a combo meal...ha...we just need to figure out the right combination of meds to get this crap under control.

It sucks...I won't lie. I am jumping out of my skin today.

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