uh oh...someones birthday is coming up...help!

This is sooo not like me. I always have a plan for my kids birthdays. Like a month or 2 before. My oldest daughter did have a couple huge shindigs for her 1st-5th birthday...my youngest...just had family parties. I have done a good job of taking their minds off the fact that just because every kid they go to school with is not in our home celebrating with them...it can still be a party...and you know what, not once has there been a complaint from either of them. Now don't get me wrong, my kids have some super sweet friends and my youngest has a good handful that would have great fun at a birthday tea party...BUT...I am just not into it this year. Not. At. All. (perhaps it is a good thing one of my antihistamines is also an antidepressant...hmmmm...unfortunatly not in the small dosage that I take it. Darnit. I could use an upper every once in awhile.

ANYWAYS (man do I digress alot) my point is that the kids b-day is in a couple weeks and I have nothing planned. She does though. She pulled a page out of the new family fun magazine of a Princess and the Pea cake...HELLO! Clearly she does not realize that I make rhinestone shirts...I am no Betty Crocker.

In my 20 minutes that I devoted to this task yesterday, I got a fabulous idea in the form of an ad from Toys r Us. Barbie. How revolutionary I know. But its Barbies birthday and well...simple idea. Then I ran into my first road block. I wanted to find some birthday supplies that just had the Barbie Silhouette on them...you know the one. And to my total disgust...all the barbie birthday supplies are basically just Barbie and the Diamond princess or whatever the heck that is. What ever happened to simplicity? I need simple. So now I am stuck again...and all I managed to buy was a Malibu Barbie because well...look at her...ahhh...if that doesn't take you right back to your childhood (no seriously if that doesn't you are way to young to be my friend! lol).

If you have any fabulous ideas how I can do this barbie birthday party for just my kid, her sister and our family...please let me know!

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