Yikes...I got nothin

I will post more later. But I will say that I just got this necklace in the mail. Totally forgot I ordered it from a fabulous etsy-er and well...it is awesome. So well made. And $35...please...that is a steal. I had ordered it for my daughters birthday. We call her lili loo lollipop...so I did the lili loo...and then a dangley lollipop charm...the charm does look more like a blowpop, but hey...thats a lollipop so whatever...it is stinkin cute.

And here is a funny pic I took this weekend. It is warming up here in ol Arizona...and my parents heat their pool to 90. Ours doesn't heat up until June...which is totally fine with me because let me tell you...2 months plus of swimming every day and you want to drain the damn thing and make a skate ramp out of it. Blah. Swimming. Blah.