whoops...this is gonna cost me

I am no cleaning expert...in fact I kinda suck at it. House cleaning...clothes cleaning...all of it. I am not filthy now...don't take it that way...I just am not good at cleaning things. It is a good thing my mother lives 2 blocks away for 6 months of the year because when my kids have a major (needs to soak in some magic elixor for 2 days) spill on something they own...I just take it over there and miraculously it gets cleaned. But a couple weeks ago my kids came home from field day at school and I have never seen anything so dirty in my life. Ew ew ew. I marched them directly into the shower and their running shoes got soaked and then put in the washer...cough cough...ya...now see I THOUGHT I was being the good clean everyone up mom...but instead when it came time for them to put their running shoes back on for school today...either BOTH of them had major foot growth spurts or I shrunk their nikes. Nice. Ahhhhgg.

Anyways...that brings me to the purchase of the day (actually...I had to purchase alot today do to the upcoming birthday AND the stinkin nail in my tire...my brand new tire and is now really REALLY brand new $300 tire...grrr). So I headed over to zappos to see what they had shoe wise and I was delightfully surprised as kids running shoes are pretty darn cute these days. I like color...and I like retro (because I don't want to feel old...so if someone comes up with something that reminds me of MY childhood...I am sucked in instantly.)

Check these all out. I just need to narrow it down. If you have seen some funky ones somewhere...let me know.

UPDATE: oh...my...god...ok I take it back when I said that if something reminds me of my youth I am sucked in...look at that REEBOK! Ya...I had those back in 1986 in white...and they need to stay in 1986...even I wouldn't do that to my poor kid. Thats funny though.

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Anonymous said...

I don't own a single pair of tennis shoes! But I did find these for my daughter.