I'm backkkk.

Happy Sunday.

Disneyland was wonderful. If you need a good idea for how to celebrate your kids birthday this year...Disneyland. That is their thing. It is the year to "celebrate you" and so they do...all over the place. One would think a kid would get sick of hearing "happy birthday princess" 400 times...but no...not mine.

So I have to play catch up today...but check these pictures out. The one silhouette I just love. Done in a little shop on Main Street and the woman literally did it in 3 minutes. It was insane. I love people with crazy talents like that.

Lets see what else can I post. I will post a couple birthday pics. The etsy necklace...oh and Dacia from Lima Bean Kids sent my girls these suitcases...I know it is a crummy picture but the girls sure loved the suitcases. It is PERFECT for their barbie clothes. In fact it is very retro-ey...reminds me of being a little girl for some reason. Maybe I had one. Not sure.

So I am off to fill as many orders as I can cram into a Sunday while my children are still enamored with the new Hannah Montana Malibu Dream House that the birthday girl got. It is actually pretty sweet.

Ok...and I tossed in the picture of the barbie cake. This is the first year I have not made a fancy cake of some sort. How could I when I was entranced with the new Toy Story ride at California Adventures (omg...that is FUN!) so I ordered the Barbie cake from Target Greatland. It was actually really good. Highly recommend.

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