Kapow...one loves his one doesn't...lol

Could these little dudes be ANY cuter? Little Gabe loves his #3 tee and then poor little Miles put his on and clearly he is having a 2 year old moment. Its ok...because I think I had a 2 year old moment today as well. Don't you just wanna hug them both?

Little boys are so darn cute. I was checking out the Mini Boden catalog yesterday and omg...I LOVE their boys stuff. The girls stuff is cute too...but there is something about their boys shorts and hoodies and well...I don't have a boy so I guess I just dream of who I know that needs boys clothes. So I sent the email to my sister who has 2 extremely cute little dudes and all the good pieces were gone in their size. Isn't that just a kick in the head? I hate that.

So thank you both Denise and Betsy for taking some super cute pics of the boys. I love them all.

And if you have not gotten ahold of anyone having a Matilda Jane Trunk show...you missed out woman...that stuff rocked this season.


Anonymous said...

When is the Matilda Jane show? You'll remind us, right?

Anonymous said...

You rock!! You asked for a two year old and BOY did I deliever or what? HA! ; )