The hotel is booked...

see...I just had to make up my mind and do something...so I booked the hotel and we are off to the Land of the Princesses.

Now...if someone can tell me where I can purchase this poster please let me know. I need it...I mean *cough cough* my daughter needs it. Ha.

Oh ya...and Shannon...if you and Madison need to make a trip to Disneyland anytime soon...it would be just terrible if we bumped into you there and you caught some fab pics...don't ya think? How horrible to get a fabulous photo on those pesky brightly colored tea cups. Oh my!


emtanner said...

OK i am not believing this...we just DECIDED to go to disney in november TODAY...i swear there is something WIERD with us cristy!!! holy cow...it was totally random too! we were separated at birth???how are the hives? when are you leaving?xo

denise said...

You have got to be kidding me...we were just talking about it too. NO JOKE. Fear not, we'll keep the Beast far away from your precious ones, he may knock you off a ride or something...He's crazy.