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Oh how I love shout outs. Love it. Look at this one! Not only that but this blog from Giftfully Simple just saved me alot of work (and possibly cost me some more money). Last year I made my daughter a rainbow layer birthday cake. Hang on, maybe I can find a photo. It was pretty good,BUT, a couple months ago I had seen a recipe for a different kind of rainbow cake and well...I like color. So I know I book marked it somewhere on my computer, but if you saw the books marks on my computer you would think I am nuts! SO...in wakes Apple of My Eye today and boom, not only does she have my new sparkle mix up tee highlighted on there, BUT...she also has THE rainbow cake recipe! Is the woman reading my mind?

Seriously, you don't know happy this made me. I kinda think I am even more excited about the recipe than the shout out! Ha. Priorities dear.

Ok...I will try and find a photo of last years birthday cake. Hang tight. Ok...there it is...told you I was not Betty Crocker.

What a great blog this Giftfully Simple is though...talk about a life saver! They hav the greatest ideas...and clearly good taste:)


Janelle said...

I found your blog through Loraine's and have been a fan of your work for the past eight months. I thought I could help on some suggestions for your daughter's party.

Go with the Barbie Silhouette look. You could make her a pink tanktop with a silhouette of Barbie on it. She could wear a pink or black pettiskirt.

I would do the party all in black and pink. Buy plain pink and black paper products and plastic silverware. Decorate with a 'retro' look and make it fun.

Have a manicure center and a makeup area. Let the kids have fun dressing up and doing each other's hair and makeup. If there aren't very many kids, the girls would still have a good time.

Make goody bags to look like shopping bags(pink paper lunch bags with black ribbon and a silhouette of Barbie on it) and let the kids have the makeup and nail polish that they 'played' with. Let them go 'shopping' at a pretend store and pick out their own favors for the bags.

Make a plain pink cake with a silhouette of Barbie on it. Good luck-I hope I was of some assistance. I LOVE parties!

Anonymous said...

Have you checked out bakerella??
I suck in the creative department..but what if you did cupcake pop with the shape of barbies head? or just the silhouette?


I love this woman! I made the 'pool pops' for my son's pool party that he has every yr at our home. GL with everything!

ps.janelle you have some GREAT ideas!


Anonymous said...

ok...crazy woman here again. I just realized how creepy it would be to bite into a cupcake head! what is wrong with me?? Yeah, that would probably scare the girls. I told you I suck at this stuff.


Janelle said...

Thanks! I think I am missing out on my calling:)