I'm a bad bad blogger...sorry

Ok...so apparently I am a little missed when I don't blog...I LOVE that! Please yell at me...it makes me feel missed.

No I did not fall off the deep of my hives...but I tell ya...I could. Tonight I googled "cronic hives,cleanse, HELP!" And well...a zillion things came up as you can imagine. I am thinking a week of water and rice and that would tell me if it was something I am ingesting. Speaking of ingesting...I went to the store and bought one of those pill holders...you know the monday-sunday pill containers. It honestly is that bad. When you have to take 10 pills a day at different times...you start to zone out. And it was warming up today...about 77 but felt like 90 in the car pool line...I was going NUTS with itching. This could be a very long summer for me.

So...where have I really been? Well to tell you the truth...A. I am feeling a tad sorry for myself these days...and hiding out in my home which leads me to B. brand spankin new ideas and I LURV them. Wheeeeee. I have so many new ideas floating through my head that I need to zone in on just a few. So. For now I am leaving you with a couple little hints...I originally set out to make some new tees for boys...but they were so cute I thought...hey...maybe some funky chicks would like them too! So...boom...let me know what you think. I will have the rest up tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

LOVE those age shirts! You need some tanks for the summer, too! (because Parker has a summer birthday, hellloooo!!) And, of course we miss your blog posts when you are gone. I need to know what's cool. I am guessing "forty-three" on a burnout tee is not cool??? :)
xo Robin

Anonymous said...

you still have the hives?! Omg you poor girl.

robin- how about a shirt that say's "forever 25" for us? lol
Im obssesed about aging and my b-day is coming up April 12 and it's depressing me.