Ok forget it...plans have changed

Man have I had the strangest day. Sigh. Some days just dissapoint ya know?

Anyways...I have decided that all birthday party plans are on hold and we are going to swoop up the princess and take her to her favorite place on earth...she goin' to Disneyland! Wheeee. We love Disneyland. No horror stories...we just love it all. The girls are in their element there...and well...did I mention that we love it.

It is only a 5 hour drive from us so off we will go. BUT...we are not telling the kids...gotta keep this one under wraps. Not sure how we will spring it on them, but since she is in rare "party planning" mode right now...we are going to have a little shindigity when we get back. Who knows. I am am easy. But just look at her face here...this was a year and a half ago or so...she loved it! Who am I to deny her of that.


Janelle said...

How fun! Much better than a Barbie party by a long shot!

Shauna said...

Can I come too?! It is the happiest place on earth. Can't wait until Edynn's old enough to enjoy it.