Man some days just stink you know?

I can't really put my finger on it...but today was a yucky day from the moment I woke up (ya hives SUCK) to trying to print stuff off my computer. The girls are on spring break and I am trying to entertain them while fulfilling orders...which would be great and dandy if my stupid printer was not giving me 'tude today. Then (and this will sound dumb) but I had ordered 2 adorable dresses from Madison and Friends (which I usually love...but not right this second) about 3 days ago and just got an email that they cannot find them. Joy. Grrrr. Those were the girl's easter dresses. Sigh. I so understand when something comes up like that but can I say that I have had my eye on those dresses for over 2 months. Ya. Not neither of them can be found? Are you kidding me?

Oh then what happened I don't know. Stuff. All sucky stuff.

So will someone please make me this because I really think it would make me feel better.


Anonymous said...

You're hilarious!

char said...

Um which ones did you order? Why can't they find them?