Do you need a new hobby?

Because I know you all like to look at pretty stuff. And well if you are like me...you like to dabble in a little bit of everything. Now I can sew...kinda. I sew quite well basic stuff because I like to pay attention to detail...but what I don't like is having to follow patterns. Yikes. Thats where my adult ADD kicks in (self diagnosed). So as much as I would love to sew fantabulous dresses for my children all funky and such...I am stuck with skirts and basic silhouettes...BUT...what you can do then to jazz 'em up is add a little bit of sumpin sumpin. Aka rhinestones (I am officially addicted) or embroidery. I cannot leave anything alone. You would think I was sick of rhinestones but I am not. I bought one of my girls a Junk Food tee the other day, it was Tony the Tiger and Snap, Crackle and Pop (the rice krispie dudes) and well...something was missing. Not anyyyyymoooorrrre. Now they are all blinged up (yes I put those lead stricken swarovskis on my own kids clothes...hopefully my 8 year old will not have an urge to eat Tony the Tiger).

So...if you are looking to spend some money on a hobby you didn't know you needed to take up...head on over to Sublime Stiching. It truly is sublime. I was commenting on Angela's blog last night that I too own all the sumblime stitching patterns because honestly...once you start you cannot stop. It is fun. And you can stitch on anything. Pillow cases...towels...dresses. You name it and I bet you can make it better with a cute little embroidered camper!

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char said...

Truly an awesome website, Sublime Stitching. Oh, and yours too :-)

I might just start on some pillow cases... (if I ever had the time). Perhaps in my sleeeeepppp.