Matilda Jane Trunk show time!

So if you read my blog you are probably up to date on all the cute stuff (lol). Anyways...today I have 2 words for you...Matilda Jane. Ahhh...love it. Love Denise. Love it all. Her new Hotline spring/summer 2009 collection is starting tomorrow. I am having a trunk show at my home April 10th-12th...so if you are in the Phoenix area and interested in coming...email me...I will send you the particulars. If you are not in the Phoenix area...or you just cannot wait until April...then start shopping tomorrow. I am having a little online Trunkshow. It starts tomorrow March 1st (omg...can you believe it is March already!) it is only March 1st and 2nd. You go to the Matilda Jane site...check out the goods. Then email Christy Ingle (no I am Cristy Leonard...sorry to confuse you) but email Christy Ingle, or call her

Christy Ingle
Matilda Jane Clothing
Team Leader
Western Michigan Trunk Keeper
616.891.5153 Home
616.481.1535 Cell

Tell her you are part of Cristy Leonard's trunk show and you can place your order through her.

Are you starting to get the impression that I am a clothing enabler? Ha. Well I am...but I only tell you about the stuff I truly love...and Matilda Jane...I truly love. Even the ladies! There is something about those big ruffles.

So go...now...check out the goods on the site...make your list and email Christy...remember it is only for 2 days...March 1st and 2nd, that is Sunday and Monday...

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Lillie said...

hello my name is Lillie..
I am a huge fan of MJ and I saw the hungry shirt you made for Gabe's party today....
LOVE it.... I can't for the life of me figure out HOW to contact you personally about a couple of Tanks I might want to have made or to order a few from you..
I even Talked to Kayla at MJC and she gave your name, city and state so I found this..... If you would please contact me when you can...
Thank you so much!