Little Miss Matched...

So my daughter wore her Valentines version of these tights on the big day and so many people asked me about them I thought "what! You have never heard of Little Missmatched?" So then it dawned on me that not everyone gets totally addicted to things like I do...and I do...I will be the first to admit it (yes...we have draws full of these socks...short ones, knee highs...we even have the jammies because they are stinkin cute!) And really...one can only wear something this super cute and funky for such a small amount of time...like until they are about 10 maybe. ANYWAYS...run do not walk to the Little Miss Matched site and then come back and tell me how much you just spent on socks! Ha. Bet you didn't think you needed socks today did ya...but you doooooo!

We even have the legwarmers...I told you I get addicted to things. I am just trying to turn you all into addicts with me so I am not alone.

And yes...we have the tights in this photo...and we have the socks...short and long of the crazy stripe version.

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