What you need today...

Ok...you must think I am a shopping fool. And I truly am not. But I like stuff. Who doesn't? I just like to share the stuff I like.

Apple tv...I like. I have no idea why it has taken us this long to get one. We have had our Mac for a couple years now. I still don't know half the stuff it does...but the half I do know...is coooool. And now it is even cooler.

It is a little box that sits on top of your tv and it syncs itself with your mac. So all your itunes...iphotos...movies...everything can now be seen on your TV. My kids LOVE it. They have this little obsession with Disneyland...ok...it is a serious obsession. So much so, that last week they watched the free Disneyland dvd that Disney sends out giving a tour of the park and the resorts... my kids watched it about 20 times. No joke. Maybe more. Anyways...my husband downloaded the free Disneyland podcasts from itunes and now...Disneyland all the time.

You can also rent movies from Apple TV...or tv shows. It is awesome. If you already have a mac...you are probably like a year ahead of me and discovered this a long time ago. But...if this one got away from you (like it did me) then run to the apple store and buy one. Actually just order one online because it is free shipping.


Amy said...

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE our APPLE TV...it is the best. Now I just have to figure out the correct way to sync it all together!

tinackp said...

We have no apple tv, but my kids have worn that disneyworld free dvd out--twice!!