If this doesn't make you buy a pair of leggings!

Man I love the internet...through it I have met the coolest people. Think about it...how did our mothers make friends? There was no internet. There were no computers...unless you count our Atari...and if you do, my mother was good friends with pacman...that woman could be anyone at that game. Anyways...as usual, I digress. My point is...I have met some of the most talented photographers across the US. It makes me sigh and wish WISH that I was better at taking photos...and wish I had more lenses actually...because my lord am I in love with the new one I got for xmas. So that brings me to tonight...Amy Headington of Images of Grace Photography in Texas took a few shots for me...I pray there are more to come because honestly I cannot tell you how exciting it is to get a new email and it be fabulous photos like these! Amy is the coolest chick. She originally emailed me because she read one of my blog posts about my addiction to Juicy "stretchy" pants and well...she and I seem to have alot in common. Anyways...I bet you have seen Amy's work as she is the photographer behind alot of Oopsy Daisy pettiskirt photos ( her beautiful daughter is the model in many of them) and I am lucky enough now to have a couple photos as well. I really wanted a fantastic photo for the front page of my site...as I need to work on my site and well..the opening boutique graphic needs to go. Amy nailed it. Now I just need to figure out how to change my site! AHHHHG.

Thank you Amy!

Ok..I just reread this poorly written post...and why would I want to be a better photographer...if I were...then I wouldn't meet all these fabulous women that inspire me! What the heck was I thinking?

ps...since I cannot make up my mind which one of these beauties to put on the front page...please share you choice in the comments for me!

pps...$10 says my own Peyton will think that is her sitting on the fence...lol...it isn't obviously...it is Rene (Amy's assistant) daughter Peyton...I tell you...you would not believe how beautiful these girls are...not only do they have cute legs and feet :)


Anonymous said...

Love the railroad track shot! I also loved your "Valentines" :)
Valentine's Day hugs to you, my friend!

Lena said...

ok, I want leggings for me after that pic! OK, maybe a little much. Rose is just about tall enough to rock the ones I got her. Can't wait. And we just got her first petticoat. So stay tuned. My lens needs upgrading but I'll do my best! xox. Happy heart day!
- Lena

Vanessa Sicotte said...

Your photographs are very very nice, they do exactly what they should and that is to sell the adorable clothes you make. Now let me show these to my daughters so they can ruin me by buying all of the colors!\