hey this is fun...I love a good write up!

This blog looks like a fun one...and not just because I got a great write up today...! Mommies with Style...uh ya...that would be all of us right??? Well that just made my night...which is good...I am gonna need it since my daughter who is NEVER EVER moody or even almost in a mood other than sunshiney (I am not even kidding) well...at about 4 o'clock this afternoon she started crying...out of the blue...well actually it was because she saw a commercial for Disney World and that set her off because well...she misses it. Ha. But seriously...she started weeping and basically did not stop for a couple hours until she went to be. Can you say FLU! Darnit. I am like that commercial on TV where the mom looks at her calendar and says "hope don't have time for the flu"...yup...thats me. We will see. But I know my kid...and if tears were shed she is not feeling well.

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