if you always have to be a step ahead...

I have such fond memories of growing up as a kid. We always were well dressed (hello, Espirit, Mexx, Triangle...and Guess because if you can believe it, we did not have Guess jeans in Canada so my mom would bring them back for my sister and I when she went on vacation...it was like contraband or something...we were cool or at least we thought so)...anyways, what I also remember was always having the best school supplies. Is there really anything more fun than new school supplies? And not only that...but having really cool supplies that just brought a smile to your face everytime you had to sharpen your pencil with your smurfette sharpener...or use your new pencil eraser that was shaped like a piece of bubbalicious? Actually that is the best part of one of the stores I am in called The Garage...it is in Scottsdale and it is beyond fun. Katie the owner is like a grown up kid...and by grown up I mean 5'10" brunette walking barbie...but never the less the girl is gooooood at what she does and that is to find every single fun thing you never knew you needed. The store is stocked with high end clothes but more importantly...it is stocked with fun trinkets...erasers...lip balms...everything has a candy theme. It is fabulous. When I was in there a couple weeks ago I picked up some of these Smencils...have you seen them? They are totally recycled pencils made from rolling paper and the best part is they smell..and they smell really really good. Bubble gum...cotton candy...need I say more? And apparently they are supposed to hold their smell for like 2 years! If we still have one around in 2 years trust me...I will be sniffin away.

So if you want to sprucen up your kids pencil box and just make them excited to go to school...at least for one day...get them these. They are fun. We only got the regular pencils but I see there are colored pencils available and now we need those...who knew???

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