these are so cute...retro ice bags...come on...who doesn't need one of these...

I say this as I am icing my EXTREMLY swollen lip. Ha. Last night it was the top lip, tonight is the bottom. Words cannot express HOW swollen my lip it. Apparently just another allergic reaction to my daily life. Sigh...anyways...without going on about my allergy issues...just check out these retro ice bags. I think I need one...but what one?

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Anonymous said...

1. That bag is too cute and i plan on buying it today!

2. You are still breaking out!? I was checking your blog to see if you would post an update. You poor thing. Have your doctors checked your thyroid for graves disease? Easily treatable. Or could it be that you just had a virus and it attacked your thyroid?? I feel badly for you. Im not a doctor and Can't possible imagine what it could really be. I hope you get better soon.