why? because I am grumpy and I needed it ok

This is on its way to me. A little Valentine's gift to myself...from...uh...my dogs. Plus I used to have a Stila paint can and I have no idea what happened to it. They are just cute on my counter holding my brushes...or maybe I need them on my work table holding my tools. Hmmm. Not sure...all I know is that I needed it. I actually need them all because I love me some barbie...and Stila just makes fun stuff. Maybe I need to send this to Abbey Hill so she can bling it out a little for me. Oh...I forgot...I need to take a picture of my cute business card holder (among other extremely cute items) that Abbey sent me. Anyways...today Sephora got my money. Hey don't laugh...its a good thing I stopped at just the Barbie can...well and I needed some new Bare Minerals mineral veil. Do you use Bare Minerals? If not..you are soooo missing out. That stuff is a miracle worker. My point is...because I am a SUCKER for cute packaging and anything that reminds me of my childhood (thus the Malibu Barbie) that I was THIS close to buying the Smurfette stuff as well...then I stopped myself and realized I don't really think Blue lips is my thing.

Oh I just realized I posted the pics in the wrong order so you probably thought I went the smurfette route first...sorry about that.

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Angela Henrie said...

I am TOTALLY getting the Smurfette stuff! (I missed out on the whole barbie scene, my mom wouldn't let me have them!)