my iced coffee is calling me...

...so the next few days will be alot of fun...NOT. I have one kid home sick from school, I am in charge of my mom and dad's three dogs while they are out of town (plus my 2), my husband has to work all day/night and weekend AND...I am cuttin carbs left and right! HELP. Actually, you probably don't want to help as I will be in one #$% of a mood. I am getting down to the wire as I need to make a bunch of stuff for a trunk show next weekend...AND...I kinda forgot about Valentine's day (oops) AND...my husbands birthday is the following week. So. Can I please have a few more things crunching down on me right now?

Anyways I am off to the store with my sick kid (yup...I am THAT mom today) but I need some meds for her, a couple more things for the Valentines that we made for her class and her sisters class, because apparently I could not just buy ready made ones this year. Nope. But lets me honest here...I really am going out because lunch today is a large McDonalds sugar free vanilla iced coffee. Mmmmm. I can taste it now. Gotta go.

If anyone has any ideas for my husband for either valentines day or his birthday...please help! I am not sure a blinged out pair of leggings would cut it for him. Ha.


Loraine said...

I would be happy to bring you an Iced Coffee anytime you need one... just call.

Hope your sweet girl feels better soon.

Love the new blog.

Regarding your Husband and Valentines Day, I'm sure you'll think of something...... :-)

Anonymous said...

Just put "luv muffin" on a headband and have him wear it Kareem Abdul Jabar style :)
I know, I continue to not be any help at all!
Smooch, Smooch...Robin