and a Happy Valentines day to you too...

So from these photos you may think that I have nothing but time on my hands...when quite honestly it is the opposite. And so...instead of getting a zillion valentines cards for my kids to write each name on I decided to go the other way...and we hand dipped some pretzels and then slapped some ready made stickers on the package. Voila. Looks like we put alot of effort into it and actually it was a breeeeeeeze. Then no worries about leaving some poor childs name off the list...since we didn't even look at the lists. Boom...everyone gets one. I am allll about making things easier. Seriously. These were less work than the normal Valentines...and easier to look at!

So I wish you all a very Happy Valentines day. Me...I will be spending it with my children since my husband has to work because some people decided Valentines Day would be a good day to get married at the golf course. Duh. Who gets married on Valentines day...that is just asking for trouble in the future isn't it? Never the less...they picked that day and since he is the General Manager of the course...he gets to be there in case something dreadful goes wrong...like it dawns on the bride that Valentines day is a stupid day to get married!

(disclaimer...if you happened to get married on Valentines day...then my deepest apologies and I hope you have a wonderful anniversary tomorrow...! I am sure it was a lovely day...yikes)

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