trunk show sneak peek...

I don't do trunk shows very often...I think this is my third maybe. The fun thing about them is that you can try different things and see if they get a good response or not. So here are a couple items I am taking to the show tomorrow...I am soooo disorganized right now...and I missed taking my antihistamine medication at 9 am this morning(yes I have to take it at the same time every day or I forget...so 9am and 9 pm) but I was not home at 9 am this morning...forgot about it...did not take it until 2 and guess who is scratching like they have fleas now? Yay me.

Oh and yes...those are sweatshirts ala flashdance style for moms. They are soooo soft...like buttah.

so if any of these items are not big hits...hang on until Monday and there will be a fire sale on them on etsy! Eyeyeye. I need a nap.


Robyn said...

what size do those little pants come in? kendall needs some.....and also, those bracelets are very cute. and no, i don't snoop on your blog all the time - just thought i would see if you posted new stuff and you did. Good luck tomorrow!!

Anonymous said...

What trunk show? I wanna come! Can you e-mail me details if it isn't too late? angelahenrie@hotmail.com