this is the type of mom I was today...

I picked up my littlest one from kindergarten today and her teacher told me that she got in trouble today...and dropped her sun. This is the first time this year we have "dropped our sun"...which basically means you were told to stop doing something...probably a couple times...to which you did not stop...and voila, the lovely teacher has no choice but to "drop your sun" which is a pretty sun on the blackboard with your name on it and then it...drops. Lol. Anyways...my little chick was so upset (apparently she did not stop crying in class over it either) by the time I picked her up her whole day was shot so what did I do about it...I did her hair! Ha. She is girlie through and through and she likes to have her hair done. Now I will tell you right now...I SUCK at doing hair. Their hair, my hair...my dogs hair...all of it...we look like the bird nest family. And both my girls have very very long hair which I daily curse under my breath and fantasize what it would be like to chop it all off. Ahhh. Noone will let me.

This brings me to Heather Bailey. If you like buying beautiful fabrics I am sure you are very aware of Free Spirit and Heather Baileys line of beauties. But does she stop there? Noooo...she is also the genius behind Trash Ties...the answer to all my hair problems. Sooo cool. I saw on her blog this morning that she did a funky do for her daughter and then she posted the directions. I laughed when I saw them. Hello...check those out. But my sad little lady needed a pick me up...and so I dove in head (ha good one) first. Not half bad.

Heather lives here in Phoenix...well Gilbert, and I swear one day I will run into her and recognize her immediately and be to shy to tell her how she brightens my day. We'll see:)

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Loraine said...

her hair looks great ~ you people with good hair are soooo lucky!!!

p.s. Gracie got in trouble for talking and had her sun dropped today too... :-)