Help...I LOVE these...

Man I love funny original ideas. Not like that stupid blanket with arms on the tv I keep seeing. You know the one. The Snuggle...or snuggly...something like that. Ya...those dudes are laughing all the way to the bank, 4 million sold so far and at $19 a pop...HUH...you do the math...whaaaaa! ANYWAYS...these are funny. These I like. Original simple packaging and well...just funny. They start the phrase with Help I...and you finish it. Genius. The ideas are endless of what I would put on a tee...and since my mind is literally at its end somedays...I may not be bright enough to even come up with a catchy phrase. So give me some ideas. Put it in the comment...or ideas of what you would write. Maybe mine should be Help...I need a green tea frappy! Yup...thats it. The bandaids and pain meds are pretty funny too.


Anonymous said...

HAve you seen the parody for that blanket? It's hilarius.

I laughed so hard at some parts.
I also can't stand that ShamWOW guy.


Anonymous said...

I forgot to add what I would put on that tee.

Help...I can't stop spending my money on paperili clothes.

help...I'm in need of a fountain coke.

ps. sorry for the horrible spelling in the comment above.


Ann said...

Ella can't stop talking about that Snuggle blanket! Too funny! She asked her grandmother to make one for her for Christmas!