remember these?

So I may be dating myself alot here...or you totally TOTALLY (yes I just said totally twice) remember these stickers! Man I loved these stickers. Did you collect stickers? (Do you think I am a super weirdo now?) I collected stickers. I loved them. And they would hold their smell forever. Yes...the smencil post reminded me of the smelly stickers. The funny thing is that last summer I was determined to hunt done some of these little beauties. And I did...I have lots of them now to sit and scratch to my hearts content...totally lost on my own two children...they could care less! They were by Trend stickers I think, the bubblegum one...the roller skate one...man I loved them all. Root beer! Ahhhhh...I wanna be a kid again (yes I have had a tough day, how can YOU tell?) I swear someone needs to bring back sticker collecting...in was cheap...it was fun...all the cool kids were doin it!

So if you are a child of the 70's and early 80's...do yourself a favor...just buy one...and when your day sucks like mine did today...close your eyes and scratch away! lol...unless of course that takes you back to a time of huge hair, suspenders and neon legwarmers (actually those were all me too and I STILL loved it!)


Betsy King said...

OMG!!!! YOu just took me WAYYYY BACK!!! I want some!!!!!!

Juls said...

holy cow man, i had tons of these in a album when i was younger waaaaay younger! i am going to see if i still have the album. thanks for taking me back!
btw, i found you blog via jasmine*'s blog...cute stuff you have here! :)