Back to school time

So school starts up for us this week. Ya ya blah blah blah, I could say, "where did the summer go" or "ooooo...my poor dears I will miss them so" but seriously...it is 114 degrees out today and well...school is a darn good place to be when it is 114 degrees out. PLUS, for some unknown reason, the kids that live 2 doors down from us and have for the past 3 years have taken it upon themselves to ring our doorbell 15 times a day. It is insane. They did not do this for the first 2 years 11 months they lived here...but now...they will not leave us alone. I was nice for the first 35 times...now I am the grumpy mean lady that whips open the door and says "YESSSSSS"...and then I proceed that with "pleeeeeease STOP ringing our doorbell you are driving both my dogs and myself craaaaaaaazay". Then I feel badly for like 2 minutes until "dingdong dingdong". I have tried the pretend-I-am-not-home method...but they stand there peering in the side window staring at my dogs. I am not kidding. I am two steps from putting a do not trespass sign on my front yard. Oh I know I know...I am a crabby pants...and yes...I am right now...BUT...for the love of peet...take a hint kids...my chicks do not want to play. In fact my one daughter said to me "they should go see a movie and THEN movie to Africa". Whaaaaaaatttt??? Ok...that sounds totally snobby and mean, and so tweenager-ish, but I would be lying if I did not laugh...in my head.

Anyways...back to "back-to-school" business. I love school supplies. Love them. I think I have mentioned that before haven't I. Well here are some cute things I have found on the internet that I think are fun little extras.

-water proof labels for cups and water bottles, markers and scissors...binders...everything...these little mamas are a perfect and polite way to put an end to the "who's glue bottle is this?"

-personalized pencil case - ok, I have not ordered one of these...but I am about to because it is super cute. I love the japanese designs. I love tokidoki and all those funky cartoon characters. Well not ALL of them. Some are downright strange. But these are pretty cute. You describe your kid and the artist paints it. Comes in both boys and girls version. Cute!

-personalized zipper pull...cute for backpacks!

-apple barrett...

-lunchbox notes. I love these. I have bought different notes before and these are about the cutest ones I have found. Don't tell ME these little puppies wouldn't make your kids lunch just a little more fun.

I am sure I will come across other cute back to school ideas, and I will post them as I find them. In the mean time...don't forget to order your back to school
paperlili tee!

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Courtney said...

That whole ding-dong thing... it IS annoying... where are the parents? I would be mortified if my kids were ringing someone's bell all day long!

Cute back to school finds :)