Are you kidding me!!!

Ok...so not sure I mentioned this? Uh ya...I didn't lol. BUT...3 weeks ago I turned 34 (yes...I did mention that part), 3 weeks ago my kids started school (yup, I think I mentioned that one as well) AND...3 weeks ago I started my "get healthy for the rest of my life" kick. Yes. I know I did this about a year ago as well. The difference is that a year ago I was covered in hives...with facial swelling and on enough antihistamines to put an elephant to sleep. Oh and the steroids...the wonderful steroids that certainly took care of the hives...but also helped me pack on 25 lbs. Yes. 25. Anyways. I am not dwelling on the weight (kinda), I am dwelling on the fact that I am just totally out of shape and this sucks. I do still have the hives...they are under control now, and instead of 18 pills a day, I only have to take one. One major one...but one...which I can live with. So back to my health kick. I am truly just trying to get healthy. I used to be quite fit. Sitting making shirts and doing paper work all day will do just wonders for your a** ;) NOT. So. 3 weeks ago I started walking my kids to school everyday and then after I kick them to the curb, I continue on for about 45 minutes. However long it takes me to do my walkaround the lake routine. I was alot quicker this week than last because I can actually run 1/3 of it...which is horrible I know...but concidering where I was at a month ago...I feel soooo much better. I put on a pedometer today and counted my steps...thus the photo. Do you KNOW how far you have to walk to get the recommended 10,000 steps a day? 5 miles. That is 5 miles. And you know what. 3 weeks of me walking-jogging 10,000+ steps and I have not lost a SINGLE POUND!!!!!!!!!


Thats all I have to say. I will report back in another 3 weeks on this one and see where I am at. I told myself I was not going to worry about it. I was doing this for the health...which I am. And my goal is really just to be kinda "fit" by my next birthday. Geesh...I have like a year peeps. Surely I can do that.

Oh...one more strange point I would like to make. It was 95 degrees out this morning at 7:45 when I started...and I was sweating...and LOVED every minute of it. I LOVE to sweat. I have come to realize that when my hives were soooo bad...I was not sweating...like...ever. Ya. Tough to do in Phoenix. But I think maybe that was part of my hive issue. No sweating=no toxins leaving the body=sickness. Huh. I know I am onto something here. I may sound like a loon but I know my body...and it was messed up.

UPDATE: I just realized that someone is probably reading this thinking..."well of course she is not losing weight...she eats cupcakes all day" which apparently is the general consensus...because as soon as people see cupcakes it reminds them of me. Yikes. Yes I soooo adore cupcakes BUT...I do not eat them everyday...I would! But I don't. I only save them for birthdays and special occasions. And for the last 3 weeks not only have I been exercising but I have been eating about 1000 calories a day of protein. No carbs. Ya. Now explain it to me please. OH. I just lied. I had Rubios last weekend...Mahi Mahi grande bowl and loved every single bite.


Courtney Price said...

According to Dr. Oz, meal replacement plus exercise is your best bet. That means Slim Fast, Jenny Craig, or something. They DO work... I love food and I miss it dearly when I need to get back my body after a baby or something. The thing I hate about dieting is when people don't admit that it sucks. IT SUCKS! But, it's worth it and we're all behind you! Do you love bloggers? :)

Oh, and walking won't do the job-- running will :)

Anonymous said...

My girlfriend just found out she is allergic to preservatives and that was giving her hives. Have they checked you for that?

As for the weight, i gained while I was on medication and I hated it! I stopped taking it and gave up my fountain coke and lost about 6lbs from doing that. I still have 20 to go. I've always been told that walking helps. That's what Ive been doing at night. I'm going to start the 30 day shred with a friend of mine today and I know it's going to kick my ass.

Hang in there.

Emom said...

Now, I don't want to sound cold...but you are so cute! Really...it will come off...no worries...fat is stubborn, I know I have been hauling around about 40 additional lbs for way too long, my son turns 21 on Sat...that's my excuse today...Smiles.

Anonymous said...

I just had to add my $.02 worth...Keep it up. Your body is fighting you! I excercised like MAD, religiously, after Parker was born. I am talking 6 days/week of 45 minutes plus of Cardio. I wanted to see it fall off, and it didn't until about week 4. Then, bam it started coming off. I am impressed with you. I want nothing to do with walking (or running for that matter) in this hellish heat. Good job!

xo Robin

Heather :: Angel Face Designs :: said...

Big hugs!! Hang in there!