Wow...I really am bad at this bloggin thing lately aren't I?

Ok...I just wrote a huge blog post and realized that it was so poorly written...I should just delete. So I did. Ha. I am sorry for once again being a bad blogger. I promise to be better. I will leave you with a tank I had to do yesterday. See...all you have to do is ask. A customer has a daughter who is in a dance group called the sun beams. So she asked if I could do something for her and voila. Sun Beams. Cute huh.

Now because I don't really have a ton to post...I will tell you about my newest addiction. From Lorac. It is the 2 in 1 concealer and highlighter set. I love it. It has a little ball on the end that helps blend...and it works really well.

And I will leave you with a completely and totally inspiring post from Nie. I swear if that woman does not make you appreciate life, I don't know what will. She needs a sun beams shirt because noone shines brighter than Nie.

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Tiffany L. said...

We LOVE our new shirts!! (Can't wait to wear the one to dance class.) You should make yourself a shirt that says "I Rock" and wear it everyday ;)